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Advertising to Kids

Saturday, June 19, 2004
There's a piece in the American Prospect today about the negative effects of marketing to children. It's pretty outrageous stuff. But then I thought, "hey, this is a wonderful issue!" Not only is it good policy to limit corporate advertising to kids, but it's also good politics. It combines anti-corporate rhetoric (which is one of our best but least-used strategies), and a moral issue. I mean, it's about protecting children! It would also drive a wedge between the corporate and christian wing of the Republican party. It reminds me a little of the V-chip issue, except this one is both a real problem and has political teeth.

It's important when you frame a political issue that you plan on how your opponents are going to respond. I think that the right would likely claim a) that we are advocating a "nanny state," but I don't think that has ever been all that effective. The second is b) it violates the principle of the free market and civil liberties. I would hope they take such a position, because "conservatives" would be forced to say that corporations have a right to brainwash little kids, and that protecting corporations is more important than protecting our children.

Bring it on.
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