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Edwards Night

Thursday, July 29, 2004
John Edwards proved once again why he has come so far, so fast. He gave an excellent speech, arguing that Kerry has both the character and policies to be a great President, and incorporating those elements with his sunny populist message. He did rush his speech a little- I don't know whether that's because of Sharpton (who went WAY over), or because he was a little nervous. He's never had to give such a high profile speech in front of such a large audience.

Now the media of course has argued that Edwards' populist message is a dud. Just look at Al Gore's failure! they cry. There isn't any class resentment in America! We live in a classless society!

Poppycock. There is enormous class resentment in this country, it is just that the antagonisms have been directed not at corporate executives but big government and cultural liberalism. Edwards' message is tailored to change target of their animosity. As Kevin Phillips has argued, economic populism should be the key Democratic message if they are going to create a political majority. And it is also, quite handily, and thoroughly liberal message.

So ignore the pundits, John! Just keep doing what you're doing, and eventually they might figure it out.
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