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Kerry-Edwards '04

Tuesday, July 06, 2004
John Edwards will be a fine running mate. While he was not my first choice (I liked Bill Richardson), Edwards will be more than adequate. He is the first Democrat since Mario Cuomo who really knows how to give a speech. I don't just mean he can deliver a speech, which he certainly can. I mean that he has proved adept at crafting a coherent message and packaging ideas in a persuasive way. One of the biggest liabiliites in the party is out inability to communicate in thematics. We tend to get bogged down in details, and to argue tactically. I think Edwards has the art of persuasion, and we are going to need it. Maybe some of it will even rub off on Edwards.

There are other advantages, as well. It will put North Carolina in play, perhaps- the Republicans will at least have to spend time and money there, which they wouldn't have otherwise. I'm not sure how much Edwards really helps in terms of competing in the South generally, however. We'll just have to see. Edwards also provides a little more youth, energy, and outsider appeal.

This was also a wise choice because it sends a message to Democrats. The vast majority of the party's voters wanted a Kerry-Edwards ticket, and that's what we have. The Democrats don't need uniting- Bush has done that for us. But it does send a message that Kerry is listening to us. I think that provides a real intangible benefit to the party's confidence in Kerry and will improve morale.

I think perhaps Kerry's greatest contribution here is preserving an important asset for the Democratic party. If Edwards had not been chosen as the VP, I think that probably would have been the end of his political career. Edwards has too much political talent to squander it so quickly.

So good job John. I'll be waiting for my sign.
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