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Sunday Wrap-up

Sunday, August 01, 2004
I wish I had more commentary than I do, but there really wasn't much interesting on this morning. The discussion was focused on Kerry's position now that the convention is over. Of course, with one exception they used Newsweek's flawed poll (Ruy Teixeira demolished it pretty effectively, I thought). Zell Miller continued his long descent into madness on Russert, and Biden did pretty well. On almost every morning show was a Kerry-Edwards interview. Kerry is still not rebutting the 87 billion charge as effectively as he should: he could if he chose successfully re-frame the issue as an attack against Bush. But he did come out and state that Bush broke his word to Congress in the run-up to the Gulf War. And he very cleverly, I thought, brushed off Nixon's "secret plan" strategy for how he would deal with Iraq. Frankly, I never thought that it made any sense to tie yourself down in case you do get elected. If it was good enough for Lincoln, it should be good enough for us.

Hey, is Mary Matalin shrill or what? I thought Donna Brazile made a good counterpoint by exuding sweet reasonableness. I just wish she was more effective at debate.

Overall, the McLaughlin Group had the best analysis of the convention: Kerry and the Democrats performed very well, and Kerry has been greatly strengthened. Now if we can only get through August in one piece.
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