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A Note On Energy

Sunday, October 24, 2004
I apologize for being a little inconsistent on my posting. I have had major computer problems, but I think they may now be resolved. It's late and I'm watching the Red Sox-Yankees game (can you believe this?), so I will just write for a few minutes. I promise there will be a real post tomorrow.

I just read Kos's note on rising energy prices. Like him, I have been worried about the effects of China and India's industrialization on the global energy market. By coincidence, I had a very interesting discussion with an engineer for a manufacturing company tonight. He claimed that his company wastes enormous amounts of water and natural gas. They are deliberately wasteful because there is absolutely no incentive to conserve. This was a shocking statement highlighting the irresponsibility of corporate america and U.S. environmental policy. On the other hand, it was a very hopeful piece of information. If we can re-structure the incentives, perhaps we can squeeze enough efficiency out of the system to buy us time. Time we need to shift to a more sustainable environmental and energy policy.

Of course, at the same table someone said that the research on ocean currents indicates that climate change is so far advanced that we're all screwed. Sigh.
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