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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Riddle me this dear readers: How do you reconcile the following trends?

1) The war in Iraq, and U.S. military involvement elsewhere, shows no signs of ending any time this decade. Anyone who suggests as much is demonized as "un-American."

2) The army's recruiting figures are in the toilet. There just aren't enough people willing to die for the Neocon's imperial dreams.

3) The American people are overwhelmingly against a re-institution of the draft.

This is the basic flaw in the design of Bush & Co. for a Pax Americana. Successful empires are motivated by the spirit of domination. But America is motivated in large part by the spirit of acquisition. We'd rather make a buck than beat it out of someone. There's just not enough popular support for militarism once the price tag is known.

So what are they going to do? Get us out of Iraq and scale back their aggressive foreign policy? Or try to ram through a draft by hook or by crook to keep their ambitions alive?

You tell me.
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