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Friday, July 15, 2005
This %#$!*&! really pisses me off.

One of the biggest labor unions in New York City has endorsed Michael Bloomberg for Mayor. Why should you care if you're not a New Yorker? Because this is yet one more example of how parts of the Democratic coalition seem to be more interested in their own narrow, short-term interests than their long-term good or the good of the liberal movement as a whole.

Seriously people, are you really trying to tell me that a Republican will ever be a better advocate of labor rights than any Democrat? Or choice? Or the working class? Or the environment? It's long past time that people realize who the enemy is. It's NOT other liberals who, while they agree with you, have slightly different priorities. It's the people on the other side who want to destroy you. Sure the Theocons might throw you a bone or two to get re-elected, but after that you know what happens? You're at the back of the bus again.

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