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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
After years of intimidation, deception, and manipulation, the White House Press corps is finally turning on the White House. The lies and incompetence in Iraq didn't do it, the smears of John Kerry didn't do it, the religious radicalism didn't do it, not even unbelievable corporate cronyism or the subordination of federal agencies to partisan purposes could inspire the press to be critical of the Bush Administration.

So why now? Because now it's their ox being gored. Digby has it exactly right: the press didn't sit up and take notice until one of their own was put behind bars for what all of them have done. Any of the White House press corps can easily imagine themselves in Judith Miller's position. Putting plants in the room (like Gannon) or paying off columnists (like Armstrong) are one thing, but this is of an entirely different order. No one likes going to jail.

Will it last? Will the press continue to hammer away at Rove until he's gone? Probably - it's quickly reaching feeding frenzy proportions. Although you can never be sure, given the press's pusillanimity and Bush's sheer stubborness and loyalty to his subordinates. Will the press actually learn anything from this experience?

I doubt it.
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