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What A Joker

Friday, August 19, 2005
So the White House has finally come forth with Roberts' memos from his time under Reagan. There are some priceless gems in the documents. Roberts mocked gender equality, attacked the Civil Rights revolution in the Courts, minimized AIDS, criticized affirmative action, proposed a national i.d. card, ridiculed anti-crime spending, and made racist remarks.

The White House response? He was only joking.

Oh. Well that's all right then. Gee.....women should be barefoot and pregant? All Latinos are just "amigos" of illegals? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's hilarious!


This dude is a right-wing freak and must be opposed. He might make it on the Court anyway, but he should do so without a single Democratic vote and with the American public knowing precisely what the Republicans think of women and civil rights. Sometimes you can win for losing.
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