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Saturday, September 03, 2005
Hey George, if you're not going to use the Presidency, may we borrow it for a while?

We have no President, so it's time to replace him with someone else. Cheney is missing, so I suppose under the rules it has to be Denny Hastert. Oh well. At least things can't get any worse.

But what about Bush, you say? Well the national guard has finally arrived in New Orleans four days after the flood when we had two days advance notice. Is this is the kind of response we can expect if there is a major terrorist attack on an American city? The "President" strums his guitar and goes on vacation while thousands die while the religious right talks about we asked for it? And just to make sure that the catastrophe is complete, we hired Halliburton (via Pandagon) to clean up New Orleans, guaranteeing that the place will degenerate into chaos and Cheney will make a buck. Sorry, but I can't seem to find the "do nothing in time of national crisis" provision in Article II. We don't have to impeach these guys because they're not even here.

This is the most appalling display of incompetence seen in an American executive since at least Herbert Hoover, and perhaps since James Buchanan wandered around the White House in a daze as the South seceded. But thankfully we have a Constitutional remedy. Congratulations to our 44th President, Dennis Hastert! (sigh)

P.S. I firmly endorse this idea from Rude Pundit.
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