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Monday, October 24, 2005
Sorry I didn't post earlier today. I've been reading Dan Simmons' Ilium duology and literally couldn't put it down. Yes I like silly sci fi novels. So sue me.

I watched the Sunday morning news shows yesterday out of sheer schadenfreude, expecting it to be all about the Miers nomination's problems, the Fitzgerald investigation, the DeLay indictment, etc. And it didn't disappoint. What I found particularly amusing was Kay Bailey Hutchinson's lame defense of Rove - that we shouldn't drive people out of office on a technicality like obstruction of justice and perjury. Apparently this is going to be the entire Republican strategy - to minimize these charges and howl about the "criminalization of politics."

These people are clearly immune to irony. Have they forgotten Clinton's entire Presidency? Or if they haven't, is there a substantive difference between the accusations against the Clinton white house and the ones against Bush's administration?

According to current conservative theory, outing CIA agents who are investigating weapons of mass destruction in order to get back at that agent's spouse is okay, money laundering is okay, and lying to get into a war are okay, but getting a blowjob isn't.

At least now we know what they mean by "values." Apparently "values" only refers to sexual morality, and doesn't apply to theft, intimidation, deceit, and treason.
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