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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Call it the Munich strategy. Bull Moose - or should I call him Neville Chamberlain? - proposes the following:

Democrats should certainly fight and oppose the unwise policies of the Bush Administration. But, it is critical that bi-partisan alliances emerge to address the current leadership dysfunction. There is too much time before the next election to allow a leadership vacuum - America cannot wait two to three years to confront both national security threats and serious domestic concerns.

This approach simply presumes that there are good and reasonable people on the other side of the political divide with whom one can negotiate. If only we can all set aside our partisan desires, we can achieve the holy grail of bipartisan consensus and a good public policy! Unfortunately for Mister Moose, there is no such entity. Has it occurred to him that the reason that the country is so divided politically is because of the Republicans? Remember who it was that said "bipartisanship is rape"? Moose's advice is akin to suggesting that if only the West had appeased Hitler on Poland, there would have been no World War II!

The Theocons are drowning from disasters of their own making. Now is not the time to throw them a life preserver. Now is the time to throw them an anvil.

No wonder his first name is "bull."
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