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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
I find this newspaper called "Environment & Climate News" that looks like a green publication - it's got a green bar across the top and everything. The front page talks about ANWR and a bill for solar power in California. But then I start looking at the headlines inside the magazine:

"Biotechnology Beat Drought in 2005"
""Crichton Was Right!"
"Still No Signs of Global Warming"
"Herbicide Treatment Working in Massachusetts Waters"
"Invasive Weeds are Spoiling Lake Tahoe"
"Florida Governor Announces Lake Okeechobee Cleanup"
"Ignoring Science, San Francisco Considers Mercury Warning"
"Mercury Fish Are Not Dangerous, Study Shows"
"Bishop Tutu Joins Call To Fight Malaria With DDT"
"DDT is the Only Real Weapon to Fight Malaria"
"U.S. Oil Shale Deposits May Be Tapped Soon"
"Oil Sand Becoming More Economical"
"Corporations, Nature Conservancy Rescue Brazilian Forests"
"Climate Change Solutions Require Technological Revolution"
"Ohio Considers New Wells, Looks to Alaska As Example"

Wow. So genetically modified food is great, there's no such thing as global warming, Republican governors and corporations are pro-environment, we should revive the use of DDT, we can drill our way out of our energy crisis, mercury is good for you. Only technology can solve all of our problems, but we should just wait until then and keep doing what we're doing. Gosh, what was I ever worried about?

This publication is produced by the Heartland Institute, which embraces so-called "common sense" environmentalism. You may have noticed that the words "common sense" are a good indication that a tidal wave of bullshit is coming.

Let's just take one argument presenting in this esteemed publication: that there is no such things as global warming. They have a chart (which is not online) which seems to show temperature stability over the last 30 years. Unfortunately they do so measuring only the lowest annual temperatures (rather than the mean or standard deviation), without explanation. And the source for their data was mysteriously offline - hopefully it will be back up soon. :)

That's okay - I have some data showing deviations from the mean by year going back to the 19th century from UNEP:

Nope. No evidence for global warming at all!
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