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Shock and Awe

Monday, December 19, 2005
Little did I realize that this phrase would apply to me. I didn't post on Friday (or this weekend) for the simple reason that I didn't know what to say. The Bush Administration's willingness to break the law and spy on American citizens crosses a new boundary. Every time I think I have taken the measure of the Theocons' contempt for justice, they surprise me. Every time I draw a mental line, they cross it. You'd think one day I would learn.

So I've now joined the ranks of the far out loonies who think that Bush deserves to be impeached. It may not be smart politics, and it certainly isn't feasible, but Bush has now officially become an Enemy of the Republic.

Stealing the election of 2000 wasn't enough.
Reckless fiscal policy wasn't enough.
Willfully destroying the environment wasn't enough.
Demonizing gays wasn't enough.
Lying us into a war wasn't enough.
Building a theocracy wasn't enough.
Smearing his political opponents wasn't enough.

But now I have finally reached my limit. Spying on American citizens - THAT is enough. There is now officially nothing I think they won't do. If you told me tomorrow that they had canceled elections and begun rounding up Democrats as political prisoners, I wouldn't bat an eye. The only thing separating those people from Pol Pot is political necessity.

Do you know what I'm most afraid of? That in 2006 the Democrats regain the Congress, and that in 2008 the Democrats win the Presidential election. Because I'm afraid I know what the other side might do.......
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