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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
So I've been getting involved with local politics (shocker, I know), helping a first time candidate win a county legislative seat in the last election and now advising a re-election campaign for chairman of the City Council. Last night at our little Drinking Liberally both of them showed up. So there the three of us were, plotting political strategy and coming up with neat laws to pass. I am quite unable to describe the sensation of politically influential people getting excited about and taking notes on your ideas.

Yes I'm sure that a small part of it is the heady feeling that you're an "insider," but I've had that feeling before and after a (very) short while it loses its appeal. No, what is really giving me the warm fuzzies is that there are still a lot of good, honorable people out there in public life who know good advice when they hear it, and are willing to act on it. Anyone who says that politicians are all a bunch of corrupt assholes obsessed with their own vanity hasn't spent much actual time in politics.

Or maybe they've just spent that time with Republicans......
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