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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
I really like John Edwards. I was strongly tempted to support him for the nomination in 2004, and have seriously considered getting behind him in 2008 (although I've been leaning towards Obama). His clear stands on trade, unions, and health care have pushed me into a corner, waiting for Obama to deliver specifics and preparing to jump if he doesn't.

But if John Edwards fires one of my favorite bloggers because of right-wing ravings, he can forget it. He'll be dead to me, and, I suspect, to a lot of the liberal bloggers who've been supporting him.

I hope Edwards knows how much trouble he's buying if he cans Amanda.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 1:46 PM
  • Could I suggest this string of posts at TPM as a reasonable counterpoint?


    I'm pretty far removed from the blogosphere section of this but a couple of points:

    1) Bill Donohue -is- a wackjob.

    2) I think Edwards is having to strike a pretty difficult balance here, more difficult that I think Arbi gives his campaign credit for.

    3) I would be very interested to see examples of what posts from the blogger in question were considered anti-Catholic. Could someone point me in the right direction?

    By Blogger Zola, at 1:54 PM  
  • I don't know where I saw them. You can probably find them on Michelle Malkin's blog. Amanda IS pretty fiery. That's part of her appeal.

    I also think Edwards responded very well today. He didn't fire them, but he acknowledged that some people might be troubled by their (personal) remarks and that they won't be talking like that while their on his campaign.

    The reason I was so upset is that Edwards was at risk for caving into a swiftboat style attack while selling out one of his core constituencies. In short, he would have been "Kerry-ized".

    By Blogger Arbitrista (formerly Publius), at 2:42 PM  
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