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Thursday, February 22, 2007
There's been all this political stuff I've been planning on writing about, but I don't think I will. I am a little burned out on the whole thing right now. The last election was 37 seconds ago and candidates for the 2008 race are already running ads and getting nasty with each other. Can we please have an hour or so without campaigning? If nothing else, give the voters a break! If political junkies like me are getting annoyed, can you imagine what the "typical" citizen is experiencing?

Between my dissertation (wearisome), my job (boring), and my political activities (annoying), the only fun things I do anymore are chat with Brazen, watch old Buffy episodes, and irritate my pets.

I need a hobby. Any suggestions?
Posted by Arbitrista @ 9:57 AM
  • Hang-gliding is really fun.

    By Blogger kermitthefrog, at 10:33 AM  
  • I hate to point out the obvious, but politics is the best kind of hobby a person can have. A hobby is ostensibly supposed to be a pleasant distraction from the rest of life, as if life is terrible without a good hobby to keep you busy. However, when politics operates as it should - participatory, deliberative, discursive, and egalitarian - there is no hobby that can top politics, because politics turns life into a wonderful experience. What you are complaining about is the poor state of politics right now. I agree, today's political environment certainly requires a hobby to escape from it, at least momentarily. But if Clinton, Obama and Edwards get their way, politics will no longer be so unpleasant. Instead, it will be our main source of joy. I always tell my students to pursue politics if only because they will probably find their future spouse by working on an exciting campaign, and they will at least find true friends who share their interests and passions.

    By Blogger Marriah, at 1:36 PM  
  • And I thought I was monomanical.

    By Blogger Arbitrista (formerly Publius), at 3:03 PM  
  • Wow, I have been slowly working my way through buffy as of late. Just finished season 2 (never watched the show previously)

    You should build something. Or bake pastries.

    By Blogger Crawlspace, at 7:37 PM  
  • Baking is good. Men who knit are considered to be among the sexiest of their species ... mayhaps you could write some political mad libs? Watch the Office (american version)? Plan a visit to see me? :)

    By Blogger shrinkykitten, at 7:40 PM  
  • Buffy isn't enough of a hobby for you?? Mr. WER and I have been accumulating and watching Buffy seasons as if the Hellmouth were about to open up and swallow us whole tomorrow!

    By Blogger Wild Eyed Rose, at 5:55 PM  
  • What is it about Buffy lately. It's like there's some sort of nostalgia binge going on.

    Or it's just that there's nothing but crap on TV these days.

    By Blogger Arbitrista (formerly Publius), at 11:07 AM  
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