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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
I've been reading a lot of comments and diaries on the major political blogs, and I have noticed a worrisome degree of political idolatry. People fall in love with candidates in a very unhealthy way. These men and women who want to be our leaders are not auditioning to be our spouses, and we do everyone a disservice by acting as if they should. Politicians are human beings, ones who will doubtlessly disappoint as often as they inspire us.

Beyond that, it is especially dangerous for citizens of a democracy to invest too much in their chosen leaders. They are not meant to govern us, after all. We are supposed to do that job ourselves. They are not our friends, or our family, or our spouses. They are most certainly not our masters or our gods. They are our co-workers, placed by us in a temporary position of responsibility. To start making more of them than that, to pretend that we can simply trust them to make all the decisions for us, is to reduce us from citizens to subjects.

So save you passion and devotion for your significant others. They're the ones who deserve it. Not somebody who makes clever speeches on the tube.

P.S. I love you, Dr. Brazen Hussy! You're the only person I have any interest in putting on a pedestal!
Posted by Arbitrista @ 10:24 PM
  • awwwwwww

    By Blogger Chaser, at 6:41 AM  
  • First, Hussy is so lucky (and so are you!)

    Second, I concur. I started paying attention to politics when Nixon was getting into trouble. I was quite young, but was confused about why people were so concerned about a "small mistake". As I got older, I noticed how the political idea(l)s changed - suddenly, Presidents & such were put in a place of "thou shall be perfect". I still don't get that.

    Anyway, I'm done babbling.

    By Blogger Penguin, at 10:49 AM  
  • Sorry, but I must disagree. The "politics = sex" dynamic is very old, and very natural, and it is the key to the Republicans' success over the past 30 years. If a sense of community still existed in the U.S., the "politics = sex" dynamic would not exist. Instead, as communities have been torn apart by, among other things, drugs, gangs, crime, globalization, gentrification, high value real estate markets, etc., politics and mega churches have filled the void. A sociological study came out last year showing that there are now 10 degrees of separation between individuals, with most people relying on their married partner to be everything to them. Otherwise, with the high divorce rate, most people now have no one to talk to about their personal problems. The result: politicians have become the surrogate husband or wife, and politics involves as much passion as a typical romance.

    This is an inevitable dynamic until people decide to live in close-knit spaces (villages, towns, urban centers) once again.

    By Blogger Marriah, at 5:21 PM  
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