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Friday, February 16, 2007
Just a quick sketch of how little the national press corps has learned over the last few years. I'm not going to bother commenting on their willingness to (Again!) fall for pro-war propaganda. Or all the anti-Hillary, anti-Edwards, anti-Pelosi, anti-Obama, pro-McCain, pro-Giuliani spin. Here are some less notorious but equally aggravating examples:

An article relying almost exclusively on quotes from business describing how unrealistic conservation is.

An article on the upcoming war vote skewed entirely towards the Republicans. How often did we get these sorts of stories when Democrats were in the minority in the House?

Stu Rothenberg slams Obama for voting "present" while in the State Senate. There is no mention of any other candidate doing so while in Congress.

David Broder describing Bush's comeback
. Riiiiight.

Have they gotten worse, or have I just wised up?
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