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Delayed Consequences

Friday, March 09, 2007
One of life's biggest problems is that you usually can't feel the consequences of an action until long after it's too late. Global warming is the best political example, of course. The recent increase in the crime rate is another. I read this article in the NYT today and suddenly remembered this piece on how Bush had gutted Clinton's anti-crime initiatives. 4 years later the crime rate skyrockets! If it had happened within the first year, maybe things would have become apparent, but now Bush's actions have gone down the memory hole and the geniuses at the Times are trying to place the blame on video games.

It can happen in "real" life too. Imagine how easy it would be to lose weight if you felt full the moment you were full, rather than being able to eat for another half an hour? Or if cheating on your significant other resulted in instant discovery? If there is an "intelligent designer," I must say I wish said designer had built a slightly more efficient system of karma! It would make things so much more convenient.

On an entirely different note, I wonder when the Washington Post is just going to go ahead and merge with FOX News. Honestly!
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