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Another Take On Gun Rights

Friday, April 20, 2007
If this guy has his way, all gun laws will be stricken from the books.

I ask you, whatever happened to my right to live in community without guns?

I'm certainly not saying that we should ban guns. I'm just saying that there's nothing wrong with letting communities decide how strictly they want to regulate guns. Towns in rural Georgia will vote to have them, and New York City will vote not to. What's wrong with that? Why do some people insist that they be able to carry an Uzi wherever they go?
Posted by Arbitrista @ 3:47 PM
  • When I lived in Texas, I remember driving down the highway behind a nice-newer-model blue truck with 2 shotguns mounted on the inside of the back window. I just about drove off the road! Not long after that, a law was passed that people could get carry & conceal permits without a background check if they already owned guns. And, the guns they "owned" - they didn't have to prove ownership, just bring it in with them!
    Anyway, I agree...if the local businesses say "No Guns on Premises" then that is what you do. If the owner of the establishment wants to get permission from government to have one, just in case of robbery or such, then, that is fine.
    Sorry, I babbled.

    By Blogger Penguin, at 11:25 AM  
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