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My 862nd post...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
...will not be one of my more exciting. My memorial day weekend was kind of a waste, since Brazen was gone. I had intended to take the dog to the park, but it was rainy and he has a hurt foot, so that plan did't quite work out. I also took the weekend off of politics, since I'm a little weary already of the presidential race (normally I wouldn't feel like this until June of 2008).

I haven't made a great deal of progress on the dissertation because of a series of annoying obstacles - but I am making incremental advances. That's something, I suppose. One little tidbit at a time. I feel like a World War I general on the Western Front. No big breakthroughs, I'm just nibbling it to death in a war of attrition. Yegads what a clunky metaphor.

The only constructive thing I have really accomplished is reading books. I think I've gotten through half a dozen in the last 3 weeks. My "constructive" plan for this evening is to go to our local Drinking Liberally and try to kill off one more evening. Ah the lovely properties of beer.

On 4 days until Brazen gets back! Yay!
Posted by Arbitrista @ 2:29 PM
  • i'm not that into politics and i'm stick of this too early Presidential race. i can imagine that for someone who really follows this day in & day out, that it would be overkill already.

    By Blogger RageyOne, at 11:07 AM  
  • Yeah, I really have run out of things to say. I'm just waiting for the negative attacks to start. Those are always the most entertaining part of the process. I'm a negative ad connoisseur.

    Is that wrong?

    By Blogger Arbitrista, at 3:01 PM  
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