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Thursday, June 14, 2007
(via Chris Hayes) Azar Gat correctly notes that the 20th century triumph of liberal democracies had more to do with the size of the U.S. than any inherent competitive advantage. He goes on to argue that if China and Russia stay on their present trajectory and become authoritarian capitalist states (like pre-WWII Germany & Japan), the U.S. will remain essential for preserving liberal democracy.

Has it occurred to Mr. Gat that we are moving in precisely the same direction as China and Russia? Who says the U.S. will always be a liberal democracy? Tell me, what does this description remind you of....

They could establish a powerful authoritarian-capitalist order that allies political elites, industrialists and the military; that is nationalist in orientation; and that participates in the global economy on its own terms...

Gat could just as easily be talking about the U.S. Republican Party as China or Russia, now couldn't he?
Posted by Arbitrista @ 2:22 PM
  • Sounds like a Guliani Presidency to me. In my mind, that would be the checkmate on this current constitutional struggle with our current Administration. Its my greatest fear about 2008.

    And don't forget that its you I hold onto for hope in this regard. Youve assured me over and over that he wont get the R nod, and I think your rational and conclusion on the matter matches everything I know about politics. Yet sometimes I still break out in a sweat with some of the national poll numbers for the Republican nomination.

    So be right... dammit.

    By Blogger Brian, at 10:34 AM  
  • I think Giuliani is a terrible candidate. He's a gaffe machine with no stomach for a real political fight and with characteristics that should make him totally unacceptable to the base of the Republican Party. Having said that, my only concern is that the rest of the Republican field is so weak he might sneak in. I think it's extremely unlikely (his numbers are already declining, after all), but there is a small possibility.

    In which case, as the most dangerous man in America, we'd just have to destroy him. Politics ain't beanbag.

    By Blogger Arbitrista, at 10:43 AM  
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