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Carol Delaney for Congress

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
A letter in response to the New York Times' piece portraying the self-congratulation of the super-rich:

It is not merely disingenuous but deceptive for the new tycoons to say, as did Sanford I. Weill, “We didn’t rely on somebody else to build what we built.” None of them could have built their fortunes without the labor of many workers both in and outside of their businesses. They relied on their employees to do much of the boring, repetitive work, they relied on their wives or other domestic workers to care for their houses and children, do the shopping, prepare their meals, and do their laundry, without which they would not have been free to devote their “unique talents” to developing their businesses.

Their self-congratulatory tone is, frankly, disgusting, as are their bloated salaries and other benefits. Not only should the invisible workers, their enormous support system, be recognized, but they should also receive equitable compensation.

Carol Delaney
Providence, R.I., July 15, 2007
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