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Friday. Thank Goodness.

Friday, July 27, 2007
This hellweek is over. We finally got the proposals out yesterday, and I've been in recovery ever since. Last night I got to watch Brazen finish Harry Potter, and now I'm trying to keep her from telling me the ending. I'm only on Book 5, so I'm not hopeful. My good news is that my boss said that "we should upgrade your position," which I can only interpret as a promotion. I'm not sure how serious he was, so I'm not going to break out the champagne quite yet.

The politics of the day? I'm not paying much attention to the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton kerfuffle, although I must say that the ultimate beneficiary is going to be Edwards. When are people going to realize that you don't go negative in a multi-candidate race??

The beltway establishment demonstrates how silly there are here. Apparently the conventional wisdom is that a censure resolution of Bush for violating the Constitution is bad politics for the Democrats because it will "rally Republicans" and that it will distract from "passing real legislation." Look, there isn't going to BE any "real legislation" because the Republicans are filibustering all of it - they're on course set double the all-time record for filibusters in a session. And who cares if it rallies Republicans? They're in lock-step right now, so you aren't going to lose any bargaining power; and why is it bad politics to force Republicans to tie themselves more closely to Bush? Last time I checked presidential approval was still under 30%.

Oh, and by the way, if we can leave tactical partisan advantage aside for 2 seconds (crazy, I know), why not defend the Constitution of the United States from people who treat it like toilet paper?
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