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I'm not commenting on Scooter Libby

Monday, July 02, 2007
If I did I'd have to put my fist through a wall, and Brazen Hussy wouldn't like that.

In the meantime, comfort yourself with these other, less noted forms of annoyance:

1) Stu Rothenberg trivializes John Edwards' populist message here. I can only suppose this is because Rothenberg is less interested in the substantive and symbolic resonance of populism (which has been powerful for like, forever), than in winning his very own funny hat from High Priest of CW David Broder. That and I bet everyone he knows makes plenty of money. The hatred the beltway types have for Edwards really make me want to vote for him.

2) Demonstrating yet more ignorance at the nature of presidential primary politics, Walter Shapiro states that Florida's move to January is a big help to Hillary Clinton's candidacy, since it's her "firewall." The reality is that Florida is a "momentum" state, an effect that will only be magnified by its proximity to New Hampshire. Whoever wins NH will win Florida. Write it down.

I am now going to keep the kitten from wrecking the place by playing with her. Have a nice night.

&*(^(#$! Bush....
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