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Thursday Afternoon Blues

Thursday, July 12, 2007
It's Thursday and I am thoroughly frustrated with the universe. The data I've been using for the last month turns out to be totally screwed up because the government agency I got it from miscoded a bunch of stuff. They actually placed a large amount of data in the wrong column of the spreadsheet! It's going to take me a week to straighten it all out. Oh, and we're all doomed.

One piece of slightly better news. Do you remember how alarmed I was at the polls over the Libby commutation? Well there are new ones out that are a little more reasonable, with only 19% in favor of a commutation or pardon. So we're down to a 20% lunacy rate. Whoopee.

P.S. If you have a bird feeder, don't forget to fill it up or some silly sparrow will shove his head and one wing under the plastic window and get stuck. This happened last night. The cats were staring outside fixedly for around half and hour and we kept hearing these fluttering noises. Later we were sitting outside enjoying the cool breeze when I noticed what the idiot bird had done. Brazen rescued him, though, and he seemed to be fine. But damn that was dumb! I was so upset that I made us go to the grocery store immediately to buy more bird seed. Scary stuff.
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