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I used to be a moderate, I swear

Friday, August 03, 2007
Kevin Drum:

What's happening now isn't a youth revolt, and it's not powered by free love, free acid, or fear of being drafted. It's powered by a lot of bog ordinary moderate liberals who have been radicalized by George Bush and the Newt Gingrichized Republican Party. I think a lot of journalists (though I don't mean to include Hertzberg here) don't quite get this because they haven't internalized just how far off the rails the modern Republican Party has gone. Until they do, they're going to continue to misunderstand what's happening.
I'm not sure what a "bog ordinary moderate liberal" is, but Kevin seems pretty much on target. Sounds like he could be describing me. I used to be a Sam Nunn Democrat, for pete's sake. It's not all Brazen Hussy's fault that I'm a crazy lefty now.

P.S. Does anybody have any idea who the "pete" is in that phrase?
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