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Another Reason to Not Like Dynasties

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
I am not for or against Hillary Clinton, but situations like this exhibit why I believe dynasty politics is a problem.

People are evaluating Hillary Clinton based on her husband's performance in the White House. Some people are supporting Hillary because of her husband, and some are opposing her because of her husband. But on election day Bill Clinton's name won't be on the ballot - Hillary's will. We should be evaluating her candidacy based on her unique mix of positions and personal qualities, not those of her husband.

In the similar way, many voters projected their memories of Bush Sr. on Bush Jr., helping the clearly unfit W become a viable candidate for the White House. Voters may like dynasties because they make voting decisions easy, but in democracies we aren't supposed to be interested in what's easy, but what's right.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 3:21 PM
  • Well said!!! And the George W as prez fiasco should be a wake-up call to those making their choices based on the performance of others.

    By Blogger Canada, at 9:16 AM  
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