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Edwards and Public Financing

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Kos is really going after John Edwards for adopting public financing limits in the primaries. I get why he's annoyed. If Edwards wins the nomination, he'll face the same problems that Dole did in 1996: having to go dark while the other party pummels him. And I figure if Edwards was doing this strictly because of principle, he would have said so ages ago.

But.....it's very, very hard for me to criticize anyone for adhering to public financing. It's sort of my pet issue. And Kos is totally off base in attacking Barack Obama for being willing to adhere to the limits in a general election. In that instance the playing field would be even. Are you really that convinced that the Democrats can out-raise the Republicans? Maybe they can, but it'd be a first.

Kos has never really taken campaign finance reform seriously, which is weird given his so-called "people-powered politics." He's under some sort of delusion that small donations can outweigh large ones. The reality is that even Barack is raising most of his money from large contributors. As long as money is the currency of politics, the wealthy elite (re: Republicans) will have an advantage. You'd think Kos would have figured that out by now, but he's thick about some things.

"Libertarian Democrat." Puh-leeze. And don't even get me started on his attitude about abortion rights. Or women generally.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 2:54 PM
  • Thank You!

    Its amazing to see "progressives" piss their pants when someone actually takes an effort to actively change the game.

    "But the money!" They scream. How quickly they backpeddle.

    I think such a scenrio (Edwards nomination) would be a godsend for the 50-state strategy. All that money diverted to down-ticket candidates and the DNC and state parties to raise our ground game in every state.

    Edwards can do an old-fashioned Truman train ride or Kennedy All-50-states barnstorm all summer. Talk about the direct contrast from the modern campaigns everyone is used to.

    When you provide a real choice - voters are more willing to take it.

    By Blogger Brian, at 1:21 PM  
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