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Light Blogging Weekend

Saturday, October 13, 2007
My mom's been in town since Thursday night, so there hasn't been much chance for blogging.

Thursday I had this post all ready to write, but I spent all day at work rushing around trying to get a proposal out that was due Friday morning. I hate it when my supervisors wait until the last minute to start these things. They've known about it for ages, and don't seem to realize that rushing it makes for a much poorer product, reduces our chances of getting the grant, and makes my life miserable. Oh well.

Mom, Brazen Hussy, and I visited a tourist trap yesterday, and then came hope and watched Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" in honor of his Nobel Prize. My mom hadn't seen it yet, and she's always liked Al Gore. I also think I've convinced her to run for office where she lives down in Florida. She's a Democrat (although not really liberal enough for me) and just retired, so she has plenty of time to waste on politics. She was all set to run for Congress when we realized that there were already 2 other Democrats running against the Republican incumbent. I also explained that nobody who hasn't been elected to a lower office first every wins a race for Congress. But maybe I can get her to run for the city council or something. That would be fun.

I really do need another hobby, don't I?

Today we're going to wander around Big 10 College Town. Mom's going home tomorrow, so Brazen and I will have Sunday afternoon to chill. I know I should probably work on my Dissertation, but this week has kind of been a waste and I'll just work extra hard next week. How's that for the feeble rationalizations?

My dog Gatsby is in love with my mother. He won't get more than a foot away from her and likes laying in her lap. He's been whining all morning because she's still asleep. It's cute, but I'm kind of jealous. I thought I was his favorite!
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