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Monday, October 01, 2007
So Rick Santorum is thinking about running for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2010. Ol' Ricky won a wopping 41% of the vote in 2006, losing by nearly 19 pts to Bob Casey. Pretty crazy, right? So I'm sitting there laughing, when I wonder when was the last time an incumbent Senator lost that bad. "Hmm. George McGovern in 1980, maybe?" Then I scroll through wikipedia's Senate Elections pages and look at the margins of victory - and sure enough, George McGovern is the last Senator to lose by a bigger margin (he got shellacked 58-39 by James Abdnor).

The fact that I knew this factoid made me feel really cool - for like 10 seconds. Then I thought, "Hey maybe knowing something like this actually makes me really lame."

Which is it?
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