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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
It's been a very busy few days. On Saturday we drove. A lot. On Sunday I tried to relax with limited success. On Tuesday we drove some more. Oh, and Monday? Monday I became Dr. Arbitrista.

The defense itself was shockingly easy. It only lasted 45 minutes. None of the (primarily statistical) concerns I had about my dissertation were brought up by the committee. The changes they suggested were primarily stylistic. The professor I wasn't sure about didn't ask me the questions I feared he would. Instead, he essentially shared his own feelings about how hard it was go gather data in this area, and how I should write a research note. The entire time (as short as that time was) I was remarkably relaxed and in control. The person who wrote and worried over the dissertation had little in common with the person who defended it. Frankly I like the latter better, but where did he come from?

So after 10 years of toil and despair, I have passed the last major hurdle, and can now be called "Dr." I can only quote the last line of The Candidate: "What do I do now?"

P.S. Thanks to Brazen Hussy for all the support and patience, and for letting everybody know I'd passed while I was in a state of shock. And thanks to all of you for all the nice comments.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 5:41 PM
  • Congratulations, Dr. Arbitrista! 'H' sends his congratulations, too! I think you should change your name to include the "Dr."!

    By Blogger Addy N., at 5:58 PM  
  • Congrats!!!

    By Blogger Musey_Me, at 7:39 PM  
  • I agree with Addy N. Dr Arbitrista sounds really great!!!

    I knew you would kick some dissertation ass!!!

    By Blogger Seeking Solace, at 8:28 PM  
  • Congratulations. This is truly an awesome accomplishment, especially how incredibly dedicated about it you were this year. You're an inspiration!!!!

    By Blogger Maggie, at 9:17 PM  
  • RE: your question of what to do next -

    Call an expensive restaurant and make reservations for Dr. Arbitrista. Insist that the host/hostess refer to you (loudly) as Dr. Arbitrista.

    Call your physician's office and say "This is Dr. Arbitrista calling for Dr. Jones." (When I used to do therapy and had to call physician's offices, I always said it was Dr. Jackman-Wheitner calling - because nurses would pull docs out of appts if I was "Dr.")

    Add it to your email sig file.

    And really - truly - just enjoy it!!! You totally earned it :-)


    By Blogger Dr. Leah - Transformation Revolution, at 10:13 PM  
  • Congratulations, Dr. Arbitrista! Whooohooooo!

    By Blogger luckybuzz, at 12:25 AM  
  • "Dr. Arbitrista"...has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Congrats!

    By Blogger Mad Hatter, at 12:31 AM  
  • so very happy for you! Dr. Arbitrista!

    By Blogger RageyOne, at 12:06 PM  
  • Congrats Dr.---- you're my idol!

    By Blogger Weezy, at 12:56 PM  
  • Congrats, Dr Arbitrista!!! That's wonderful!

    By Blogger Canada, at 3:43 PM  
  • Many congratulations to you Dr Arbitrista! The lack of a diss cloud over your head takes some adjustment; relax and enjoy your new freedom!

    By Blogger Belle, at 5:22 PM  
  • congrats, dr.!

    By Blogger JustMe, at 7:03 PM  
  • Many congratulations, Dr. Arbitrista! I am very happy for you! :)

    By Blogger Lina, at 7:12 PM  
  • hey, congratulations!

    By Blogger kermitthefrog, at 7:48 PM  
  • Congratulations. Well deserved!

    By Blogger Propter Doc, at 8:56 AM  
  • i'm late here but congratulations....i really is such a huge thing. enjoy it, all of it, dr. arbitrista!

    By Blogger adjunct whore, at 8:15 PM  
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