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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
There's not just blood in the water, there's blood in the frickin' ship. The Republicans just lost a 60% Republican district in Mississippi. For those keeping track, that's the 3rd straight special election defeat for the Republicans this year, and unlike last time, they had a perfectly adequate candidate in a very conservative district. No more excuses after this one.

My word. They're going to lose something like 40 seats this November. I would surely love to be at RNC HQ right now, and I wouldn't take Republican House campaign chair Tom Cole's job for all the whiskey in Scotland.

Okay, maybe that last part isn't quite true.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 10:16 PM
  • Whoo-hoo! I love hearing this sort of stuff! (If you get me readdicted to Dailykos, I'm gonna be pissed, though.)

    By Blogger Sisyphus, at 12:28 PM  
  • Yeah, Kos makes me a little nutty sometimes, but it is a great place for up to date political news.

    By Blogger Arbitrista, at 12:48 PM  
  • UGH How can you read Kos? It's misogynist gone wild over there atm.

    By Blogger lost clown, at 4:25 AM  
  • May I suggest http://www.mydd.com/ which told me that apparently not only did 1 republican lose his seat, but 2.

    By Blogger lost clown, at 4:26 AM  
  • Lost Clown: Oh, I don't read the comments on Kos - that's where most of the misogyny appears (although Kos himself occasionally dabbles in it, there are some other very astute regular writers).

    I read MyDD all the time, although I think that they're just as in the tank for Clinton as Americablog and Kos are for Obama. I also think that Jerome Armstrong has gotten a little unhinged - Jonathan Singer is pretty bright, though.

    I guess what I'm saying is, I think the intra-party fighting we've seen over the blogs has been totally overblown, and I hope everybody forgives everybody else & we can all be friends again. I try not to attribute racism to Clinton supporters and sexism to Obama supporters. Maybe I'm being too generous, but I try to assume the best about people (particularly ones with whom I agree on 99% of issues).

    By Blogger Arbitrista, at 6:34 AM  
  • I know there's at least one pro-Obama blogger on the main page over there, read one post just a few days ago. Can't stand Kos myself (a little bit of sexism is a little too much for me, and I think he's kind of an ass, but that started a couple of years ago so I am biased in this case.)

    By Blogger lost clown, at 4:27 AM  
  • Though I am happy that I discovered myDD because I developed an outright hatred for Kos during the primary season whereas before I *just* thought he was an ass. Now I have a new source of info. (That and a few other blogs that contain bloggers who fled Kos.)

    By Blogger lost clown, at 4:29 AM  
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