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I Promise Not To Say Anything Mean About Tim Russert

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boy, I'm just a big old meanie, aren't I?
Posted by Arbitrista @ 5:42 PM
  • Well, I'm trying to handle my feelings about it by thinking about his family and friends - helps to generate the appropriate amount of sympathy. You could try that instead of focusing on the man himself?

    By Blogger sheepish, at 1:57 PM  
  • Wow- maybe I've missed something, but I thought he was a pretty non-controversial figure. We really enjoyed his program and commentary.

    By Blogger Addy N., at 4:35 PM  
  • Dude, give my neck of the woods a chance to mourn, K?

    By Blogger Seeking Solace, at 6:58 PM  
  • 7 days. Then I will describe that why Tim Russert is not the greatest journalist evah.

    By Blogger Arbitrista, at 2:16 PM  
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