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Brazen Hussy's BIrthday Weekend

Saturday, July 12, 2008
We tend to make a big deal out of birthdays. They're not just celebrations on the given day: they're multi-day extravaganzas. So this weekend Brazen Hussy is going to be Empress (she's always the Queen!). We're going to go the movies, visit some wineries, have a nice dinner on Sunday, and then on her actual birthday on Monday I'm going to cook for her and give her presents. She actually got to start opening up presents yesterday, because it was after all the beginning of the Weekend of Hussy.

I have to admit that I look forward to Brazen's birthday far more than my own. Not because I don't like getting older (I sort of don't care), but because I like doing stuff for her. She's wonderful and deserves it. So all hail Brazen Hussy!
Posted by Arbitrista @ 8:24 AM
  • Hip Hip HORRAY to my favourite bird studier person dude! :)

    By Blogger Caroline Shepherd, at 9:09 AM  
  • What a sweetie. So like my hubby!!!

    By Blogger Seeking Solace, at 10:36 AM  
  • Hail! Hail! Toast her for us!

    By Blogger Belle, at 3:23 AM  
  • this is so cool....we are really not good about rituals, terrible, in fact, to our detriment. i've know this and have been meaning to change it. your bday ritual is lovely and the best argument for doing something special!

    and happy bday, hussy.

    By Blogger adjunct whore, at 10:39 PM  
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