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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
I haven't written very much lately about the local campaign I'm helping run - mainly because it's considered bad form to campaign between the primary and July 4, so there hasn't been very much to write. However, I should have more to post now that the magic date has passed. On July 4 I walked in a parade with my candidate for a local parade - we got rained on, but at least our float won!

Anyway, one of the nice things about the Obama campaign is that their people are working very closely with candidates at other levels (it's called a "coordinated campaign"). Most Presidential campaigns don't do this - they typically run totally independent campaigns that do zero for the down-ballot races. Sometimes it's even worse, because they can suck up all the resources and volunteers and make your life extremely difficult. Obama's not doing that - his people really seem to want to help. We're meeting with his staff on Friday, and I'll let you know what they're like. I talked to one on the phone today and he seemed very young. Maybe I'm just getting old.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 11:58 AM
  • So, I know that Obama's been doing some annoying "positioning/waffling" stuff lately, and then I read a bunch of articles on how tight-ship their local infrastructures and web stuff were etc. compared to McCain, but then some people have been complaining about them being all high-horse and doing a terrible job working with people re. the convention site?

    That sentence made absolutely no sense. I guess I'm asking if this Dem Convention center stuff is inaccurate, or accurate, or typical of his other campaign messups, or inconsistent with how they work with local campaigns, or what.


    (you'd loooooove to try and get me to make speeches as a candidate!)

    By Blogger Sisyphus, at 11:55 PM  
  • I haven't heard much about the convention site, but from what I hear it's the DNC, not the Obama campaign, who has been responsible for it. For all his virtues as a chair, Dean isn't good at raising money - hence his difficulties with the convention.

    And making speeches is fun!

    By Blogger Arbitrista, at 11:08 AM  
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