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Thursday, August 28, 2008
The campaign has gone on so long, and we've become so used to the cast of characters, that it's easy to take all of it for granted. But whatever our particular ideologies or preferences, I think we should all stop and consider for a moment: a black man has just been nominated by a major political party for President of the United States.

Gee, maybe things can get better.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 7:58 AM
  • Perhaps it is also a sign of how far as a country the United States has come: that a black man has been nominated without any such pause, consideration or fanfare. May be the democrats just nominated the best person for the job, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality.
    Or is that too hopeful...

    By Blogger KH, at 8:49 AM  
  • well said.

    By Blogger RageyOne, at 9:04 AM  
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