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Friday, August 08, 2008
What is it about bosses? Brazen Hussy is extremely lucky - she actually has one of those supportive, nice supervisors. I have one the stereotypical "bad boyfriend" bosses who alternates between being friendly and being a jerk.

For example: There's this big proposal due later today. I'd been waiting weeks for my boss to give me the documents so I could do my part, and asking him if there was anything I could start on.

No reply.

Tuesday night he sends his draft of the proposal to me and then - goes on vacation!

So I worked on it some on Wednesday and then had to leave early to pick up Brazen at the airport. I sent him an email with a bunch of questions and told him that I'd spend however much time I needed to on Thursday to get it ready. That night before I went to bed I made the major mistake of checking my work email, and there was a crabby email from my boss telling me how "disappointed" he was that I'd left early, and how little had been done. Fine, whatever. But do you know what wasn't in his email? Any responses to my many questions - he was apparently too busy being pissy to think it might make sense to give me some information if he wanted his stupid proposal ready.

Yesterday I killed myself trying to get the damn proposal finished, but did I hear word one from him all day in response to my repeated phone calls and emails? Nope. So finally I do everything I can manage without hearing from him and email him what I've done. He finally responds with a message replying to an earlier email saying that I should mail him what I'd finished that day and he'd look over it at night. Of course I had JUST SENT HIM THE DAMN DOCUMENTS. But I'm a nice guy, and shoot him another email asking him if he received the documents.

No reply.

Yes I'm ranting, but this is the sort of crap I have to deal with. Major projects dropped on me at the last minute with no guidance and no communication while principal parties leave town. And then when problems occur I get condescending comments about how "disappointed" people are. Go. to. hell.
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