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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
The presidential election is about to become incredibly annoying - or at least the coverage of it is. Yes, I know coverage of the election is always pretty annoying thanks to our peerless press corps, but we're about to experience the roller coaster ride surrounding the two national conventions. Every year the same things happens: the election is at one stage (say, a narrow Obama lead). Then the Democratic Convention happens, and Obama has a huge lead!!!! Then the Republican National Convention happens, and McCain has it tied/has a small lead!!! ZOMG!! And then two weeks go by and the spread goes back to something like it was before the conventions, albeit with fewer undecideds as the parties consolidate their base. The zig zag around the conventions happens every 4 years, and every 4 years the press treats the poll numbers as "real." Well, they aren't. So don't pay any attention to them. Any poll between now and October 1 are pretty much worthless. The idiots at the cable news are just trying to juice the ratings. Don't fall for it.
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