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Friday, September 26, 2008
John McCain "suspended" (not really) his campaign because of an economic crisis that apparently started because the fundamentals of the economy are strong (sorry, couldn't resist). He also said he was not going to the debate until a deal was reached. Now the worst thing that could happen to McCain is for Obama to have 90 minutes of free air time to himself with McCain not there tonight, so I can only assume that McCain assumed Obama would play along - which wisely he didn't.

If I were an advisor to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and wanted to hurt McCain, I would make SURE that no deal - even in principle - was reached today. Play for time until at least tomorrow. That way McCain either has to skip the debate, or has to renege and show up anyway - either of which would be extremely embarrassing. There is also NO WAY I would let the House Republicans hold me hostage so they can give McCain the credit. Forget it. Wait a day or so and the Republicans' Wall Street donor base will be putting so much pressure on them they'll agree to anything.

But then again I've haven't been out-maneuvered repeatedly by the Republicans, so what do I know?
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