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My New Office

Monday, September 22, 2008
I don't my camera with me today so I can't take pictures, but I just had to post about my new office. We moved across campus at the end of last week to a converted dorm. I was pretty leery of the move, since our old building was a neat old house. While it isn't exactly pretty, there are advantages:

1) I have my very own office. It has a door that shuts, a window, temperature control, etc. It's the first office I've ever had that I haven't had to share. I feel like a real grownup.

2) The facing of the window means that I can use my portable XM radio at work. Which is cool.

There are some downsides, of course. The biggest is that there isn't much to eat for lunch in this part of campus, and my commute is all messed up. I used to be very close to Brazen Hussy's building. Now not so much.

All and all, I'm pretty pleased. It's nice when your very low expectations are exceeded.
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