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All Your Newspapers Are Belong To Me

Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

When asked by Katie Couric what newspapers she read, Palin responded "All of them."

That's a lot of newspapers!! So when does she have time to, y'know, be governor?

All right, all right, it might be a cheap shot - but a funny one!
Posted by Arbitrista @ 8:36 AM
  • she seems to have misunderstood the question. I think she's answering how do you read newspapers in light of your own worldview and her answer is that she reads all of them through her own worldview. Then again, her follow up with ohhhooo it's not like Alaska's a foreign countreee katie was just. weird.

    meanwhile, if she did misunderstand, it's bleeding Katie Couric. You seriously can't follow what she's saying? And keep it coherent for 30 seconds? Holy. crap.

    By Blogger Anastasia, at 10:25 AM  
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