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Writer's Block

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Not about blogging. I can always find something to blog about if I need to (my erratic pattern is mainly a function of time). No, my writer's block is about...well...writing. I have to write an op-ed for my education policy paper, but seriously, how many times can I say exactly the same thing in new and interesting ways?? I also have to write a letter about how good a teacher my advisor is (he's up for a teaching award). I'm happy to do it, but I stare at the computer screen and the words just aren't coming out.

So, any advice? I'm considering trying to write out this stuff longhand - I've had some success with that approach in the past. Any other ideas?

P.S. Why am I not blogging about the election? Because John McCain is a political zombie. He's been dead for quite some time, but hasn't had the good sense to lie in his grave quite yet. Winning Pennsylvania? Ha! Double-ha! So strange as it sounds, it's just not that interesting to me at the moment. Perhaps I'll do some policy-oriented stuff to try and persuade people who haven't made up their mind yet. Any requests?
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