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Monday, November 03, 2008
I plan on writing something substantive tomorrow morning before I suffer a complete pre-election breakdown, but just in case I don't, I want to say that I feel pretty confident that the Democrats will win a substantial victory tomorrow. The sooner we can end the last 8 years of craziness, the better. Okay, "confident" is low-balling it. I'd be stunned if Obama lost. And I'd be looking into plane fares to Europe, probably.

Oh, and if you're hopped up on polls, check out Brian Schaffner's and Nate Silver's pieces on the "cell-phone effect" in this cycle. You may have noticed that some pollsters are giving Obama a huge lead, while others are giving him a modest one. The reason? The former make sure to include people like yours-truly that don't have landlines, and who happen to be overwhelmingly pro-Obama. I think the big question mark tomorrow isn't the oft-discussed but rarely discovered "Bradley Effect," but whether there is the "cellphone effect" is making the contest look closer than it really is. We'll see.

And as for things that actually matter, Brazen Hussy and I first met 19 years ago today - the most important day in my life.
Posted by Arbitrista @ 4:22 PM
  • You're in the home stretch!

    Congrats on that anniversary!

    By Blogger RageyOne, at 7:25 PM  
  • Cheers to you and BH! The two of you have been together about as long as Husband and I.

    By Blogger Seeking Solace, at 9:30 AM  
  • Gawd, I hope you're right. I could use some hope about now.

    And it's really cool that you place such value on BH's place in your life.

    By Blogger Belle, at 9:53 AM  
  • Congrats about your anniversary... 19 years... wow, how old were you guys when you first met... 15? :)

    By Blogger Super Babe, at 1:38 PM  
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