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Thursday, January 29, 2009
I don't normally do this but it seems fun. It also spares others from my long-windedness.

1. Brazen Hussy is out of town on her interview and I am bored bored bored. And I hurt my back shoveling snow. Hey, I grew up in the South and then lived in New York City. What the heck do I know about shoveling snow?

2. I told my boss today that Brazen Hussy has a job interview. He seemed to take it well, but I was nervous telling him. He can be a bit unpredictable.

3. Russ Feingold is planning to offer a constitutional amendment to ban gubernatorial appointments to the Senate. I think this a very good idea. There are lots of good ideas about reforming the Constitution, but it takes something like the embarrassments of the last few months before you ever get the chance.

4. People are beginning to realize that Obama has created a very powerful White House staff, making his cabinet appointments seem less important than they did a month ago. A couple of reactions: a) I told you so, and b) this is a very dangerous long-term trend. My solution for weakening the White House is reducing the size of the White House staff. It's the secret of executive power.

5. Karl Rove should be fed to wolves, but I'll settle for a congressional investigation.

6. No no no no no no no. The last thing we need to do is give the Fed more power. The Fed helped get us into this mess. The Fed is not an accountable democratic institution. The Fed doesn't know what it's doing. No more powers for the Fed.

7. I happened to find out I have a good credit score. Who knew? I guess they haven't taken my student loans into account or something.
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