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Friday, April 17, 2009
I am nearly beyond articulate exposition about the revelations of the torture memos. While I am happy that Obama released them, I am appalled that he is preventing prosecutions of those culpable. Those who in our name inflicted heinous tortures on fellow human beings don't deserve protection. They deserve to spend the rest of their lives behind concrete walls, breaking rocks and eating bad food during the day, and every night writing letters of apology to every man, woman and child in this country whose reputation they have besmirched. I don't care that it might be inconvenient to hold those responsible to account. The "morale" of those in the CIA, the supposed need to let bygones be bygones, are simply too trivial to have any weight in this matter. Some things are beyond considerations of expedience. This is a shame that must be expunged, no matter how uncomfortable it might make those who purport to govern us. In a democracy that wishes to remain so, there can be no compromise with the commission of this kind of evil, however tacit it may be.
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