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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Wow, this place is really dusty! How long has it been, anyway? Nearly two weeks? Seriously? I remember when I posted every day! Well, I'd better get my dustrag and get to work.

The reason for my absence? Not that I haven't been creeping back into reading blogs, which I have a little - although not a lot. And I've even had a few things I felt like writing about. But let's just say that my August has been a wee bit busy. My boss keeps tossing these gigantic projects on short deadlines in my direction, and on many days I've been waking up, working, going home, working, and going to bed. Frankly I'm exhausted, but so far there's no end in sight. I might not be sorry irritable if half of the things I'm spending time on are because other people I work with are screw-ups. Oh well, this can't possibly last forever. Can it?

And although I'm sure that it will ever be useful, if I'm ever running for President I will place reforming the procedures of the Senate a major policy priority. Seriously, why is it that six people from states with a population that fit into my living room get to block anything they want? Ridiculous. And those people carrying guns to Obama events and yelling and screaming at town halls, and their political representatives that defend them? America, I introduce you to your Republican Party. What a bunch of freak shows. There are some silly people on the left (I'm talking to you, 9/11 conspiracy theorists!), but you never see them threatening people.
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  • And this is why I have a blog with just pictures (mostly). easier to not read.

    By Blogger Jesse, at 6:18 PM  
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