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My Birthday

Thursday, August 06, 2009
Today I am 35. The only thing noteworthy about this age* is that I am now constitutionally eligible to run for President. Of course, unless Nancy Pelosi were to resign, the House were going to elect me Speaker**, and Joe Biden and Obama were to resign in succession, I don't see how this is going to effect my life very much. Now if all Republican officeholders (including Supreme Court justices) would resign en masse, that would make a nice birthday present. In the meantime I'm going to receive a fancy pen and have a nice dinner out.

*Other than the fact that it ends in "5", which for some reason places me in a different check-box

**No, the constitution does not mandate that one be a member of the House to be Speaker. It also doesn't require Supreme Court justices to be human beings. This is what you get when you draft important documents in un-air-conditioned, unventilated rooms in Philadelphia in the summer. And that, people, is why filibusters are used more today than in the old days, and why the South has so much political power - air conditioners. Weird.
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