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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Now I want you to replace "Bush/Cheney" for "McCarthy" and think War on Terror rather than Red Scare and then think about this quote:

“All of this was part of one of the great illusions of the country and the Administration in 1961, the belief that the McCarthy period had come and gone without the country paying any real price, that the Administration and the nation could continue without challenging or coming to terms with the political and policy aberrations of that period. If there were problems, the Administration would somehow glide around them, letting time rather than political candor or courage do the healing. It was a belief that if there were scars from the period (and both the Democratic Party and the Department of State were deeply scarred), they were by now secret scars, and if there were victims, they were invisible victims. If one looked away and did not talk about them, somehow they would go away. Yet the truth was altogether different: the scars and the victims were real, and the McCarthey period had frozen American policies on China and Asia. The Kennedy Administration would in no way come to terms with the aberrations of those policies; it had not created the, as its advocates pointed out, but it would not undo them either.”
Posted by Arbitrista @ 9:21 AM
  • Oh yes. I do see your points. I have students who persist in arguing that the Iraq war is justified because a) Iraq was a direct and immediate danger to the US and b) WMD were there, just buried. Thus, any questioning of that war are wrong, and politically motivated in an effort to smear the memory of W.

    Gag, choke, sputter...

    By Blogger Belle, at 10:31 PM  
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